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Freight Consolidation

As a licensed NVOCC (Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier), we are able to offer smart and efficient consolidation services for your multi-supplier shipments from Nigeria/China/UK/Turkey/USA/Europe Countries.

Consolidation planning, cost analysis and execution
On-ground liaison and deadline management with your suppliers in China/UK/USA/Nigeria and Europe countries,
Consolidation and container-loading of your multi-supplier cargo at our warehousing facilities
Cargo inspection and damage reporting. 

So what is consolidation?

Freight consolidation, also known as consolidation service, assembly service, and cargo consolidation, is when various small shipments, all being forwarded to the particular location, are bundled, adjusted and shipped together to the pre-defined location. This service can lower the total shipping cost and ensure shipping security when compared to shipping individual units. A consolidation service, in general, includes the cargo transportation to the filling point, filling and arranging of cargo in the container, shipping document checked via custom process and finally re-packing the shipment for delivery.

So what are the advantages of consolidation?

There are quite a lot of cost advantages to freight consolidation, the main reason to consolidate is that the forwarding of many small quantities of shipments would cost more than the combined total shipping cost.
Freight consolidation also offers a lot of safety advantages over forwarding small shipments disjointedly. The more separate shipments there are, the higher the risk of something interrupting the delivery of at least one of the shipments. Consolidation, in turn, lowers this risk and enhances the delivery system process. Freight consolidation cuts the number of separate deliveries you receive, thus forming a single channel of delivery. Goods from different suppliers can be bundled into a single pre-arranged delivery at a time convenient to your needs.

At HUMBLE GLOBAL LOGISTICS LTD we offer a slick and trouble-free freight consolidation service that cuts costs and enhances security for your goods, For more information please contact us via the contact us page on this website:

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